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01-25-2004, 06:52 AM
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Originally Posted by blah
You think he has top 3 potential?

My point was just b/c they dealt him it doesn't mean they gave up on him. Then you started talking about value for some reason.
Is this an argument? I wasn't trying to argue. Either you or someone else asked why people say they gave up on Williams, I gave my opinion.

Maybe there needs to be a definition of "gave up on".

I never said he had top 3 potential, in fact my opinion of him is whatever line he is on he works his tail off. He spent a lot of time with Primeau and I think he has good potential to become a team leader, even captain. He works hard, deals with the media well, seems fairly intelligent, other players really like him, did I say works hard?

You know Jonesy played on the Lindros-Leclair line. Was he a top 3?