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01-09-2007, 03:18 PM
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Originally Posted by Mugerya View Post
Hollweg doesn't fight? News to me.

To suggest that Hollweg is not a much better skater is laughable and if he can hit like Hollweg then why doesn't he?

There is nothing to suggest that Orr would put up more numbers. While Hollweg doesn't have great point totals through out his hockey career, Orr's are lower.

You are ignoring intangibles. Hollweg is better at defense and the pk. He has more heart than anyone not named Ortmeyer or Shanahan. His shifts are are 100 mph the entire time he is on the ice. Look at numbers if you want, but you are missing alot of the story in the mean time.

The intabgibles? He hits, thats it. He brings nothing else to this team, nothing. He is the most replaceable guy in the lineup. He is what he is, a 4th liner who can't score which means he doesn't belong in the NHL. I think we could find a much better player than him to do what that roll calls for.

And I never said he doesn't fight, he just doesn't do it very good. I don't understand the love this guy gets I really don't. The whole idea of the thread was if we could put him in a package to get a center we need would we do it. My answer is yes 100% because obviously a good center isn't easy to come by if 5 teams are claiming Nedved through waivers compared to a player like Hollweg who can be replaced through waivers or a player on the farm team.

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