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Originally Posted by 94now View Post
Only Ranger fans can jump on the coach, players and management with no apparent reason. Could someone more or less clearly formulate what makes him/ her think that the team should be any better than it is now? Is this team worse than in 2004? No. Was last year team much better? Well, may be, but if you get last year Jagr and Lundqvist on this year team it would be better that last year team. What does that have to do with Renney? Is that his fault that Henke is a subpar goalie this season and Jagr is MIA? Is that Renney fault that Shanahan has became what I predicted he would - an aged superstar? What are exactly a blockbuster deals that Slats failed to make? Any examples? Is that Sather fault that Cullen screwed up in NY, Immonen failed to arrive and Prucha disappeared? Is that management fault that Ortmeyer got ill and Ozo got injured over again? Hall was a bust to begin with, but everyone loved him here, is he another Renney fault? Is Orr a real problem? Oh, please...
1. If you want to know what makes many on this board so disapproving of Renney, read the 6586578 million posts on the subject. Inability to match lines, arbitrary line pairings, refusing to bench certain poor performers, asking players to perform in roles they aren't able to do, etc... It's all there man, and it's nothing new.

2. Is it Sather's fault Cullen and Hall suck? No. But he's the GM, he signed them and it goes back to him. Fair or not, that's how it works.

Different people on this board expect different things out of their head coach. For me, a good head coach will help raise the level of play team-wide, will instill discipline and accountability, and make smart decisions on a nightly basis. I DON'T SEE THAT FROM RENNEY! It's not like I think Renney has failed miserably, either. I recognize that he has done some nice things here. But that doesn't mean he gets a pass on his glaring inabilities as a coach! Why is that so hard for some on here to understand? I expect more out my head coach. I'm not seeing with Renney the things I like to see in a head coach, so at the end of the year, I want him gone.

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