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12-13-2013, 09:17 AM
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The reason is clear.

Dolan has absolutely no care for the Rangers so long as they are making him money. As long as they continue to turn a profit, he thinks things perfectly fine.

Because if he cared about the product, Sather is gone before the 05 lockout ends and a real GM is inserted with a realistic plan moving forward post lockout.

Sather has taken a buckshot approach to building a franchise. It's clearly not worked because even with the small bit of success the Rangers had under Torts, the team was insanely flawed.

He had not earned the right to steer the ship post lockout and the worst thing that could have happened to Rangers fans is having the immediate success we had from the likes of Jagr, Nylander, Straka and Rozy. Sather (the genius).

I guarantee that season changed the direction he was going to steer the franchise which seems to happen with Sather every time there is a little momentum.

Sometimes when you are sticking to a specific plan, things may not go your way OR they may go better than predicted. It's at that moment that you need the nutsack to hold to that plan and not deviate.

Sather has no plan and therefore he's really not deviating, he's just winging it....and failing miserably.

However, regardless of how bad he fails, as long as the team consistently turns a profit, in Dolans eyes, Sather is doing a fantastic job.

NYC is not the problem.

James Dolan is

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