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Originally Posted by StoneHands View Post
I 100% disagree with the bolded. The AHL game is much more like the NHL than the OHL is. In the AHL he'll be playing against bigger stronger men who are all professionals. He'll be leaving a league with a much more wide open, high scoring style of play. Playing in the AHL, getting top line minutes and PP time will give him some time to develop that offense against players much more comparable to what he'll see in the NHL. I personally wouldn't mind him starting in the AHL next season. We already have 3 good centers and we could call up Laughton a month or two into the season when Vinny suffers his inevitable month long injury. We could bump Couts up to the 2nd line and give Laughton 3rd line duties. I'd just hate to see him waste away on the 4th line.
In theory what you say seems plausible but the reality of it is that the AHL is not that great of a development league for anything other than goalies, bottom 6 forwards, and bottom pair defensemen. Top 6 forwards need virtually no AHL time and those ones that get it, tear up the league to the point where they are called up quickly. Meltzer did a study of it for this very website many years ago (will try to find the link) and the facts shows that top 6 forwards spend virtually no time in the AHL and top 4 defensemen a 1yr to 1 1/2 max. There are occasional exceptions but they usually involve players going to the AHL before regular Canadian junior age players would or just really rare late bloomers. Laughton's offense is going to translate or not.

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