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Originally Posted by Psuhockey View Post
In theory what you say seems plausible but the reality of it is that the AHL is not that great of a development league for anything other than goalies, bottom 6 forwards, and bottom pair defensemen. Top 6 forwards need virtually no AHL time and those ones that get it, tear up the league to the point where they are called up quickly. Meltzer did a study of it for this very website many years ago (will try to find the link) and the facts shows that top 6 forwards spend virtually no time in the AHL and top 4 defensemen a 1yr to 1 1/2 max. There are occasional exceptions but they usually involve players going to the AHL before regular Canadian junior age players would or just really rare late bloomers. Laughton's offense is going to translate or not.

Here are the links:
Laughton wasnt drafted as a top offensive talent though. He's not expected to be a top 6 forward any time soon. That's basically his ceiling if all goes perfect. He projects more to be a middle 6 guy. Someone who can play great 3rd line duties and step into the 2nd line if needed and not crap the bed. I think the point you're making works for top end offensive talent. Like you said, you either have it, or you don't. Top offensive talent drafted steps into the NHL and often gets handed a top 6 role or 3rd line with PP time. In that situation, yeah, it's sink or swim. You go through your slumps in the NHL and learn as you go but those guys are given minute and linemates to help them through it. Someone like Laughton is still developing his offense. He's likely going to come in as the 4th line center next year flanked by Rinaldo and some other plug where he'll play limited ES minutes, some PK, and very little if any PP time. If we ever want him to be a guy who can put up 40+ points, I'd rather see him get some professional experience in an offensive role.

Originally Posted by Curufinwe View Post
What if he plays 8 minutes on the 4th line, 2 minutes on the PK, and also gets some time on other lines when injuries happen? Having good players on the 4th line helps the team.
I agree in Theory that having good players helps the team and I would have no problem doing this if the Flyers changed their thinking(yeah, ok) and went with a 4th line like a lot of other teams do where you have energy guys instead of goons. If it's Rinaldo-Laughton-Rosehill I want no part of him on the Flyers. If it's Raffl-Laughton-Cousins I have no problem with it.

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