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Originally Posted by Psuhockey View Post
What will he be developing? His shot? His hands? His passing ability? All those thing are probably as good as they are going to get for a 20 year old. His shot might improve with a little strength as will his board work and puck possession, but pure offensive tools are usually apparent by 18 let alone 20. Look at how fast offensive talent drys up in the draft. The question is can he produce at the speed of the NHL game and against NHL level goaltending so going against slower competition and worst goaltending won't really help him. It actually hurt Couturier last year as he brought up some bad habits from the AHL after the lockout because he was able to get away with a lot more down their than in the NHL.

As far as his role next year and his line mates: it's the Flyers, who the hell knows what this roster will look like next year. I do find it interesting though that when they interviewed Lecavalier at the draft last year, they asked him if he could play right wing even though they had two top 6 right wingers in Voracek and Simmonds. It is doubly interesting when you also factor in that they have been trying to move B. Schenn to wing as well.
Laughton was well under a PPG his draft year and only had 23 points the year before as opposed to guys like Couturier and Schenn who were well above a PPG even as 16 year olds, those are guys that don't need time to develop their offensive skills, though it could be argued that Couts could have benefited from it. Laughton isnt a guy who's been dominating offensively at every level he's been at and he just needs to bring that to the NHL, his offensive game has just really taken off the last 2 seasons. Obviously the skill was always there but it's still developing in my opinion.

We can just agree to disagree I guess because we'll never know what's best for him unless he steps in day 1 and is solid defensively while putting up decent numbers. I just think he needs some fine tuning of his offensive skills and that he can further progress them playing top line minutes and PP in the AHL for a season(or even half as I suggested before) rather than with plugs on the 4th line in Philly.

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