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Originally Posted by cbjgirl View Post
I hope you don't mind an outside voice.

Just my opinion, you need the right pieces. I think hockey teams in particular (more so than other pro sports) need to work as a team rather than as a group of individuals.

You've seen both of these guys... Nash and Zherdev. Both, as individuals, can do magical things. But, for whatever reason, don't fit well with very many others. They work well in certain combinations - Nash and Voborney worked. Nash and Malhotra worked OK. Nash and most others, not so much.

It is players with versatility that make the overall team better. Not to be beating the CBJ drum to much here, but you could probably take almost any combination of the current forwards (at least top 9, maybe top 12) and still have some success. Different combos will work better, but having guys that can do it all (to some degree) makes the TEAM better.

My opinion, it would be better to have the equivalent of 12 B grade forwards than 3 A players, 3 B players, and 6 C/D level players. The average grade might be the same, but the balance / depth (or lack thereof) can come back to bite you.

Dubinsky seems to be the type (occasionally overly emotional, but fire-y) that can give the other guys a kick in the pants when they need it. Nash - not so much.
Good post.

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