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12-13-2013, 01:27 PM
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TUUK question for friend.

Hey guys,
This question is for my buddy since he doesn't have HF Boards. He just got Nexus 600 skates. He's usually pretty good... but his first time out on them he couldn't skate. He figured he got a bad sharpen and took them to a pro shop that is known for giving the best sharpening's in the area. When he was there they told him his TUUK holder on his left skate was off 2 clicks and his right was of 1. They said with the holders its not uncommon to be a little off and you likely won't be able to tell, but my buddy claims he can definitely notice something is right. Our question is, the pro shop said they can take the holders off for 15$ a piece and make sure they're strait and level. First question, is it worth it with how much it's off and second question, if the level is off then how does moving the TUUK left or right make the skate balance? Maybe that's a stupid question but usually something not being level has more to do with vertical pitch not left to right movement... anyways is this common with TUUKs? should he do it? Thanks guys!

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