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01-09-2007, 05:19 PM
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Originally Posted by Skyblaze View Post
Sure, losing Souray would be a pain but signing him at 6M+ would be agony.
Agree 100%. Like I said earlier, I love having the guy in a Habs jersey, but if it gets to a bidding war and the price upwards of 6mil, I'd rather see him leave.

Originally Posted by Blind Gardien View Post
"GMs have learned a lesson"... well, that'd be about a first ever. I've heard that rational expectation (and expressed it myself) often enough only to be disappointed that I really can't believe it will ever happen. The cap is going up a bit. They expect it to go up a bit every year. They want to change the CBA so that they can trade cap space. Trust me, they haven't *Really* learned a lesson. Or at least, not enough of them have that it will stop the insanity in any meaningful way. There will be more "if Kubina and Jovo got $5M/$7M then surely Souray deserves $6M" than the reverse. Alas. (Always assuming he keeps up his current pace reasonably well, that is... 25 goals and 70 points on D will drop a few jaws and open a few wallets).

So there... now that I've thrown down the gauntlet to the NHL GMs, please feel free to go ahead and prove me wrong again... this time by acting rationally when I expect irrationality. Just for a change.
Agree 100% with this as well, although I feel really bad having to agree with this one. We all thought the cap would curb GM spendings, but unfortunately it appears this won't be the case. GM's are just as dumb, and just as willing to overpay for FA as they were pre-cap. McCabe, Kubina, Jovo, Savard etc...all got rediculous contracts, and I have a feeling Souray is going to get something disgusting by easily arguing that a precedent was set. I just hope Gainey has the foresight to walk away when things get too high. If keeps up with the D leaders in points I think the only thing I think thay may curb interest/price is the injury fear.

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