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Originally Posted by SingnBluesOnBroadway View Post
It's not a question of being patience. I think the majority of fans have no problem being patient. That said, there are no signs that he's improving. If Hugh was getting better slowly but surely, that would be fine with. But he's not. Not only is he not able to keep a role in the AHL, he's hardly opening eyes in Charlotte.

Yes power forwards do take time to develop. That said, Hugh is taking an awful long time just to demonstrate that he can be an average, serviceable player let alone an NHL power forward.

It's not fair to look at all the players drafted around and after Hugh and then use that to judge him. But the fact remains that he was a reach where he was selected. The Rangers needed to get a guy in that spot who was going to play in the NHL (even if that meant a guy who's potential came with a lower ceiling).

Hugh was considered a boom or bust pick. It's no longer too soon to venture a guess as to which one he's going to be.
Totally agree.

You need to be patient with those that are progressing and/or dealing with a new ceiling.

Jessiman had all last season to acclimate to the AHL. This year was the test and he has failed pretty badly. Hence his demotion. At this point he's about as much a bust lock as you can have. Love to see him turn it around....but it won't happen.

To me this is where it gets interesting in the whole development process. Who keeps progressing and who stalls or fails. Three months ago I would have thought we'd see good progress from Dubinsky, Moore, and Korpikoski. They are doing okay, but the standouts are Callahan and Byers. Fascinating from a development stand point.

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