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Originally Posted by McRanger View Post
The "team players" vs "individuals" concept is nice but during our best "team" year we were still led in scoring by the definition of an "individual" in Marian Gaborik.

When you've got team players who are also very talented you've hit gold. But it doesn't usually work that way. Good teams work individuals into their program. The role players do their thing and let the talented players score without having to lead.

Look at some of the top scorers on those Devils teams that won or made it to the finals. Stephane Richer. Gomez. Petr Sykora. Mogilny. Kovalchuk.

The Devils could work most players into their program because they HAD a program. It started with a competent GM and filtered down to everyone else. The Rangers aren't there. I'm not sure the Blue Jackets are either.
I might be misinterpreting your comment here... When I think "team player" I think (I hate to use the cliche) guys that play for the name on the front of the sweater rather than the one on the back. That might not have been what you meant (if so, sorry).

What I was trying to say had more to do with style of play rather than attitude. I don't think Nash and Zherdev (for example, since both fan bases are familiar with both players) on purposely play an individual game. Rather, it is more that they haven't expanded their games to include their teammates to the extent necessary to be successful collectively. They don't seem to think a "team" game.

Bad analogy time... so you've got some toy you need to fix for your kid, you might need a flat headed screwdriver, or a hex headed one, maybe an allen wrench... You've probably got at least a variety of sizes of those tools. But, occasionally you run across something that needs that special, goofy, star-shaped tool. You don't have one, not sure where to get one, and you can't get any of your other tools to work. Things just don't fit together right. Some players are like that, try as you might, you just can't get them to work with what you've got (whether that is the coaching staff (coach problem), the game plan (coach/player problem), or each other (player/GM problem)).

With my team having been in the West until this season, honestly, I haven't really paid any attention to the Devils so I can't really compare.

As far as the Jackets are concerned, we'll have to see how things go over the next few weeks. Until this last stretch of games they have been extremely bi-polar on the ice. Time will tell if they've turned the corner or not.

Someone on our board did the math and they've currently got about $24 million worth of salary on the IR. I'm just hoping for about 500 until they get the "stars" back.

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