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12-14-2013, 07:47 AM
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Face it... except when the Phillies are broadcasted or either make a move or they want to ****** about Amaro not making a move... WIP is and always will be an Eagles station 24/7... They have no interest in talking Flyers or hockey, especially since they let the Flyers and Sixers contracts go. Hockey fans have no interest calling in much about hockey... why bother? The response is minute and worthless and at times condescending.

The best thing for Macnow to do now (for the sake of hockey) is to move on to The Fan 97.5 like Brian Startare did when the Flyers moved there to do pre/post game stuff... With the Flyers gone, so has WIP Flyers talk and WIP Flyers interest. That said, The Prof is versed well in many sports and he would be missed at WIP if not there... like losing his shows with Ray Diddy.

I agree with those saying that Anthony 'Cuz' Gargano's best days have passed... he was best when he was raw and new and seemed one of us... now rather than being 'our' voice he is trying to be our director, having us follow his OCD lead, LOL.

Macnow will eventually settle in to what he feels is best for him, IMO... and most likely stay put... with a larger contract... while 97.5 will continue to eat into WIP's territory. As long as WIP has the Eagles and Phillies though, they will survive quite well... and 97.5 will be the logical alternative for us fans when the times are right for us to tune them in... like during and after Flyers games.

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