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Originally Posted by Kimota View Post
That has declined after they left Park Jarie. That has again declined after the Carter trade. By the late 80s, the Expos had trouble maintaining an audience at the Stadium.
Expos drew when the team was in contention and would have kept drawing, had our best players not been consistently sold off when they were ripe for a huge pay hike. Team was always in the hands of the wrong owners.

Even the birth of the team was evocative of its later frugal ways. MLB required a substantial deposit to seal the deal on the franchise back in the late 60s and Mayor Drapeau put together a group of 10 investors that included Charles Bronfman. On the day the investors had to put up their share of the money, only Bronfman showed up -- he ended up having to go it alone or there would have been no Expos.

It's not that the francos whatever would not love the return of Baseball or the Expos, it's that really the new generation of kids don't play the game and have no interest. And we have had a generation of kids that grew up in the 90s and the new Millenium that have not been exposed to it. Because of that a lot of guys in their 20s and 30s who should be the paying audience in this generation have zero interest.
Expos were here until 2004 -- just like in other sectors, baseball is a competitive product with anything new that comes into the market. If anything, kids that grew up in the 90s saw some of the best editions of the Expos in the early 90s especially.

A NFL franchise would have a greater chance of success in my opinion.
Bigger gravitational pull since it is the most successful league in North America -- short to medium term, it would probably have greater success. If Montreal can draw for the Als, it can only be exponentially better for an NFL team.

Major caveat with the NFL are their head injury issues, which have already caused their pipeline to shrink and will be felt on the long-term -- lots of parents are moving their kids out of football. So there is yet room for baseball to grow as it gains a ripple effect benefit down the line.

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