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12-14-2013, 10:41 AM
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Originally Posted by HabsByTheBay View Post
The Expos were one of the best drawing teams in baseball from 79-83, I don't get where this notion that they didn't draw well comes from.
Absolutely spot on, from 79-83 they topped NL average attendance figures for each of those years.

From 84 to 97, they weren't too shabby either, with 11 of those years each topping 1.3 million spectators (including 5 years over the 1.5M mark).

They also drew well in a track stadium in a crappy neighborhood, so you know, if they had that downtown ballpark they always should have had they're probably still in Montreal.
It's only one part of the equation, although a major one. We never really had deep-pocketed owners committed to spending -- they always tried to run the franchise like a strict bottom-line business, which baseball clearly isn't. Big difference now is the substantial guaranteed revenue-sharing money and the potential revenues to be generated from media conglomerates vying to fill programming slots on their 24-hour sports channels and news services, especially in the summer months -- something that wasn't as evolved or available when the Expos left.

Soccer is easy for women and kids to play. It's been the most played sport in America since the 1970s, you think it's even half as popular as football or baseball? Or even basketball?
While soccer is a growing sport, it's still trumped by MLB in the US -- and Canada doesn't have enough pull to make a difference, except when it comes to hockey (and even then, it's mostly in Canada, lots of US NHL cities don't draw).

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