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12-14-2013, 01:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Hmmm...I see this Oilers example brought up constantly. Hall is averaging 1ppg, Eberle and RNH (he's not even on his extension yet) are close to it too. They're all on 6M cap hits, one million more than Gionta. Really, I don't see what the big fuss is. 7 year extensions is a little much, but it's not like they aren't playing well.
The problem isn't them in Edmonton, the problem is the rest. They had to sign freaking Bryzgalov because they're so desperate for a goalie. Their defense is horrible too. Their team is a zoo. But the contracts given to the youngsters are really not that big of an issue.
Do you even watch Edmonton play? I watch them constantly on Center Ice - and while they are putting up points (you had to work hard to get those stats, right?) they are not ready to lead the team anywhere close to the playoffs - and at the money they are being paid, they need to not only put up points but also play hard minutes. Especially Eberle and RNH still play a very soft game in their own end. But why do they need to grow their game? Edmonton already validated their game.

Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
But even if they were, why is it people only bring up the supposed bad signings? Why don't you talk about the guys that signed deals off their ELC and do well??
I mean, shall we look at UFA and say never sign any of them because there's countless examples of players not living up to their contracts?..That would be rather dishonest and flawed right? Well same thing here. Sometimes it's worth it to give a longer extension off the ELC, sometimes it isn't. For PK, you can certainly make a case that he was already well worth the investment.
Like who Toews - who's won 2 SC's and was captain at 20? Landesdok, who is also captain and plays like a 28 year old vet? You see the pattern? Talent is not enough, to be considered and paid in Elite company, your game has to be at Elite level. Subban WAS NOT at this level 2 years ago - his game is nearly there now. Notice how the better he plays, the less points he gets -. That's the sign the his game has arrived.

Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
PK was a #1 Dman. He was a top 30 Dman after 2012. Sure, maybe he would have been a #2 if he played in Boston behind Chara, but that's not because of his skills it would have been because Chara is this established top D. Markov is averaging more ice time than PK right now, are you going to argue that PK is a #2 Dman?? Just like Malkin is centering the 2nd line in Pittsburgh, but he's not a 2nd center.
PK was our #1 Dman, and he would have been a #1 on the majority of the teams in the NHL.
This is just plain ignorant

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