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Originally Posted by Lonny Bohonos View Post
Stickhandling stickhandling stickhandling.

While skating is often considered the most important skill I dont see it as being so cut and dried.

Skating is an important to hockey as running skills are to basketball. Handling a puck is as important as handling a basketball.

The best players I have seen all have one thing in common whether they are speedy skaters, grinding power forward types, fat out of shapers, snipers, playmakers: They all can handle the puck well.

Ive seen more out of shape guys who can handle the puck that they dont have to be the fastest or best skaters. On the flip side Ive seen some phenomenal skaters who are simply average because their puck skills are lacking.

Great thing is its much easier to become proficient at stickhandling than it is at skating. And frankly considering body types etc some people will never be great skaters.

Invest is the biggest payoff and for me that is puckhandling.
What are drills or best way to improve on stick handling??

Stick handling is defiently the worst part of my game... I am a good passer, my shot is average (takes too long to get off sometime... if I don't have time/space it's never as good as I hope)... my speed lacks but it's cause I am out of shape, since I started playing back in Oct I have lost 15lbs and gotten faster so the more I work out the more that will come.

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