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12-14-2013, 01:55 PM
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Originally Posted by beef 4 lunch View Post
You call Kane an unproven sniper and then advocate using draft pics to fix our team. There is nothing more unproven than a draft pic. You act as if draft pics are a sure thing, which is the exact opposite of the truth.

Also, Kane is no sniper. He is a guy that can do it all including make his own offense and he's still so young.

Kane is far more proven than a guy who has never played a game. I understand you don't want him because of report personality issues but what you are saying is inaccurate.

Kane would mature and grow with Stepan, macD, and our other staters. Perfect fit IMO.
I use draft picks to fix the team because they add depth. In some way or another, they will add depth.

1) We're not losing prospects, picks, players to get 1 guy who is the definition of inconsistent. Forget all the off ice stuff i've talked about. Kane is a 60 point player. What's his ceiling? Can't be all too much higher. He's never done anything to prove otherwise, statistically.
2) We are in this **** hole now because we lost all of our depth. Depth that held our identity. Depth that held balance. There wasn't necessarily a lot of scoring talent on the guys we gave up, but they gave us a balanced attack.

We're not getting our solutions through trades or FA signings. Get some draft picks. Hope. Surround the prospects and rookies with good veteran leadership. That's the road to success. Not continue to trade for inconsistent talent that may or may not reach the height of their potential in NY.

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