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Originally Posted by LaurentHabs View Post
So confused about R Score. Tried some online calculators and kept giving me R Scores of like 26, when I have grades such as 86 in English(Average 70) & Economics (Average 81), 97 in Psychology (Average 91), 87 in Business (Average in Mid 60's) & 84 in Calculus (74 Average). These aren't final grades [excluding Psychology], but I expect them to remain relatively stable. I'm in the commerce program @ Dawson, and apparently our commerce concentration classes have very strong students in them (Our economics teacher told us her avg in her other class was around 68).

To make a long story short; With all those variables I'm so lost about how I should assess my work & whether or not I'll get a good R Score. Should I just stay focused on getting good grades and the R-Score will take care of itself and be self-representative rather than freak out for nothing?
There are two components to a class' R-score, only one of which is made publicly available. The second component is what befuddles everyone trying to know the truth about their R-scores: class strength (as measured by high school grades and ministerial exams). Commerce has one set of class strengths, pure/health science another one, core courses yet another set of class strengths... end result: stay focused in getting good grades.

So, while UdeM has raised its minimum R-score for admission to any program to 22 (from 20) for winter 2014 applicants, the question is: what programs will lose the most students? I suspect physics and pure math will not lose loads of students (in fact, in pure/health science, it's quite hard to go below 24 while still graduating in good standing, due to the high class strength in pure science-specific courses) but humanities and social science programs will lose students.

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