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01-10-2007, 01:24 AM
Esa 10
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I can accept losing, I have well over a decade of experience as I'm sure most of you here do too. What I find absolutely UNACCEPTABLE is packing it in for a 4th straight game against a division rival while playing an utterly brainless, SOFT brand of hockey. It's just disgusting. If Shanny going toe to toe against one of the best heavyweights in the league doesn't inspire this team, doesn't unify them, what the hell will?

They didn't battle hard enough in the corners or the front of the nets. They made awful decisions with the puck. Straka's right, they thought it would be easy. This is what happens when you disrespect your opponent. What's sad is it wasn't just your usual suspects. I've no idea what Jags was trying to do on the 4th goal. I've seen him play o.k. defense. That was a braincramp of monumental proportions. Prucha's turnover on the 5th was just brutal. Easily as bad as anything Ozo has ever done. And his open net miss at the end of the 2nd brought flashbacks of Sykora in the playoffs. Henrik wasn't anywhere as sharp as he's been in the past couple of weeks. But that underlines how dependant this team is on him at this point. The defensive breakdowns just won't stop. I honestly can't remember anything as horrific as that 3rd Isles' goal. You're allowed to hit a guy with a puck on his stick!

I really hope they send these guys a wake-up call. Waive somebody replaceable on a one-way contract like Hall. There could obviously be other candidates, but that's a start. They are way too comfortable. Maybe seeing a teammate lose his job will galvanize the rest. This kind of heartless play is unwatchable.

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