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01-10-2007, 01:04 AM
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Originally Posted by Murderworks View Post
It was Kopitar, the second coming of the lord, and someone I would give up this entire damn team to get.

Having said that, is it safe to say that Denis is pretty much done in Tampa? I know it's only half way into his first season here, but let's be honest. The guy gets minimal starts, he quite often gets outplayed by Holmqvist (who doesn't always do that well himself, but when he's on, he looks much better than Denis when he's on) and just doesn't seem like he's going to ever be able to really take the spot.
Um. OK. I hadn't heard much about him, so I think I'll defer any comments until I actually know more about him. He wasn't even the top on the chart, so I'd be happy to hear why you think he's so good. Charts lie sometimes (Lecavalier and St. Louis in previous years). BUT, I wouldn't trade this team for Alex or Sid, even both, so I suppose you either a. hold him in really high regard or b. hold the Lightning in such low regard that I don't think you could consider yourself a fan.

But then again, I'm pretty attached to our guys, especially Lecavalier and St. Louis. Holmqvist is definitely growing on me. If only I could get Modin and Kubina back. As for Denis, he's not bad, and he's made some AMAZING stops, but really Holmqvist is excellent and his off nights are still pretty good and fewer and father between than Denis' off nights. Can we trade him back for Modin!? I feel kind of bad for downplaying him so soon. I feel like I've barely seen him. Of course I'm fairly sure that he's started more than Holmqvist, but I feel like I've seen Holmqvist more. To me that means Holmqvist has been playing better, but that's so subjective it's not even funny.

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