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01-10-2007, 02:56 AM
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many can complain that there might not be a rebuild...or anything like that...and u can complain about renney...but its not renney that signed malik, kept kasparaitis, or any of the other players that arent playing that great...if you look at this team compared to some of the better teams in the league...we are just a very slow paced team, yea you can say straka nylander and jagr work at a quick pace...but what about the other lines? and what about our defense...we take some of the stupidest penalties because we have a slow defense....we have a slow transition game, we cant turn the puck over and go the other way as soon as it happens, they instead have to play around with it to get it to go the other way.

this is the team we have for this season so theres no reason to cry about it...ok yes we can make some trades that might improve the team for this season, but what about next season and the season after that?..why dont we just keep the team the way it is and see how it goes...i wouldnt mind making the playoffs at a lower spot and getting kicked out again earlier then we should and getting a decent draft pick to build up the system a little more....i mean look at some of the guys we have for the future of the team

weve got defenseman like Marc Staal, Michael Sauer, Ivan Baranka, Bobby Sanguinetti...given not all four of them are guaranteed to make it...but what if 2 out of the 4 do...if even one of them make it and show the promise that they all do contain id call it a success....
weve got forwards such as Nigel Dawes, Brandon Dubinsky, Jarkko Immonen, Ryan Callahan, Greg Moore, Artem Anisimov, Lauri Korpikoski, Dave Kveton(who with his talent could be a steal)...of course there are more guys like Hugh Jessiman...but how much longer is it gonna take for Hugh to get his head on straight and have the drive and determination to realize what his future could hold if he actually tried and was successful....
In net we still have Henrik...but remember we still also have Al Montoya...i wouldnt mind seeing Montoya and Henrik platooning the way Dwayne Roloson and Manny Fernandez did in Minnesota during their playoff run a few years ago...or even the Hurricanes last year with Cam Ward and Martin about Giguere and Bryzgalov, and also Ryan Miller and Martin Biron...some successful teams who platooned two goalies....difference between them is that our two goalies are still very very young...MOST of the other teams had platoons that included a young goalie and a goalie whos had some experience in the league...(miller/biron, bryzgalov/giguere, ward/gerber)

so i think id rather cheer this team on and hope to god that they can play the best they can and hope to see more of the young guys we have in our system be put into our lineup as time went on...i wouldnt mind seeing staal, baranka, dubinsky, dawes and callahan in our lineup with montoya backing up lundqvist next it a reality all of them will be in the lineup...probably not...not with the way this team is run...but is it realistic to believe that atleast 3 of those players will be in our lineup next believe so...


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