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01-10-2007, 08:47 AM
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Originally Posted by nyr2k2 View Post
Zultek was drafted by the Kings, no? But your post is spot on. Let Jessiman do his thing, if he flames out he flames out, we can't redo the pick. I'm waiting for Orr to be cut loose, so then we can stop hearing about him every thread (or two years later) .
Jessiman is just the name attached to the pick. I think the frustration that a lot of people have (which is then projected upon Hugh) is the philosophy behind the pick.


- That draft class was considered (and has proven to be) one of the best and deepest ever.

- With the state the Rangers were in at the time, they had to get a guy they new would play in the NHL some day.

- Hugh was a huge reach at 12.

- He was considered a boom or bust pick and that was a luxury this team really didn't have at that time. They had to get a guy who was going to play for them. Even if that player had a lower ceiling. At the time (and I hate bringing this up again), there were a lot of debate about Hugh vs. Parise. The feelings were that if both met their potential, Hugh could be the better player. But Parise was more a sure thing to make it to the NHL. The Rangers had to get a guy they knew would play at this level.

- It was an incredibly risky pick. Hugh only had one good year, playing for a decent (but not top) program in a decent league.

- It's almost 4 years later and that draft class is starting to make it's presence felt. How nice would it be to have Richards, Getzlaf, Parise or Bergeron centering Shanahan and Prucha? Or wouldn't it be nice to have Brown, Seabrook or Tambellini?

- And from a personal standpoint, I hate that we were sold a bag of goods. What do I care if Hugh was a Ranger fan growing up? Was this a PR move or a hockey move?

Like I said before, the only thing you can do is be patient. But that doesn't mean that you just say, "oh well, guess that one didn't pan out". Because there were plenty of warning signs when the pick was made.

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