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01-10-2007, 08:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Radek27 View Post
Ok I never said useless. I said he is a very replacable player from what I see he brings. I mean hitting and skating are two of the most basic parts of this sport we watch and the guys who can't do that well better have good offensive stats to stay around. My problem with Hollweg is I think this is as good as he's ever gonna be. He has very little puck skills and just isn't in good position in the offensive zone to score. I would much rather see a younger guy on the bottom line getting some time and learning to do the basics of hockey which is all Hollweg does.

Edge states that Hollweg hits really hard and probably one of the hardest in the league. I don't see it with his size and unless he ever took a hit from him I don't think he's in an authority to go around making statements like that. If I were to take a stab at who is the hardest hitter I would say Gauthier, he hits guys and knocks the wind outa them, or worse sometimes. Oh and BTW tonight against the Islanders Hollweg wasn't even close to being the biggest or hardest hitter on the ice. If any game he should make a difference was in a game like tonight. All I remember of him that game was a stupid elbowing penalty he took and he missed a pretty good chance in front.

I guess I do like offensive guys more since my two favorite players are Kovalev and Prucha, but I do also love a player like Tucker and Shanny. Garth Murray was bashed pretty nice on this board but I don't see any differnce between him and Hollweg. Actually I think they are very much identical in playing style.

You keep saying that he's replacable. But you have not mention who you'd replace him with.

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