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01-25-2004, 02:03 PM
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Originally Posted by HABitude
Koivu is earning $4.2 M., the most paid player on that team, he is also the captain and have no excuses to be outplayed badly 2 games on a row. If he can't because it's too much for his small body, his strenght, then he souldn't have that raise of salary he got last september.

And no, not the whole team played badly last night. Zednik, Ryder and Bouillon played well last night. Now it's the real season that just started. Before it was only warming up. Now the real leaders of the league shows up, like Sundin last night. And overated like Koivu disapear ...
Koivu is not the highest paid player on the team.

Theodore was abysmal last night. He's the highest paid player. Why don't you mention him? Wait, could it be because he speaks french?

Sundin has played as inconsistently as they come. I believe he had 1 goal in his first 10 games this season and under 2 goals in the last 10 games, while scoring the rest in between those two periods. So why are you claiming Koivu needs to 'step up' like Sundin, who's proven to be MORE inconsistent than Koivu this season?

Your claim that Arnott has played second line his entire career is off as well. He was the first line center in NJ, and played first line minutes in Edmonton. He has also played on the first line at times in Dallas. In fact, he's played on the first line for the majority of his career. And he's also been a lazy, inconsistent player that gets into conflict with coaches--the precise reason why he's been traded twice!

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