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01-25-2004, 01:27 PM
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Originally Posted by shveik
There are a few things that will prevent Lindros from entering the HOF if the vote is held NOW.

1. That "I won't play for Quebec" thing.
2. Lack of playoff success
3. The nosedive his game took after a series of concussions

Now, if he manages to bring his game up to the elite level (these days I say 70-80pts per season while playing the powerforward game would be super), and wins a Cup, he should be in.
I think you bring great points. People in the Hall of Fame are there usually for a combination of:

1-Superb individual hockey performances, individual awards
2-Team accomplishments, especially if they were key players of those teams
3-Class representing what hockey is about, contribution to the game

You don't NEED all three, although it certainly helps. In Lindros' case, he starts with a mountain to climb because #3 is pretty much the opposite of what he has been doing. He started his NHL career on the wrong foot, the way he let his parents dictate what his career needed is absolutely embarassing when he is a grown up. From the Nords incident to the various feuds with Clarke, he hurt his stock there.

#1 is a split decision. I think it is important for people to keep in mind this guy was arguably the best player to hit the NHL since Mario. I just don't see ANYBODY with that combination of power, grit, skills and mobility. He started very well and at one point was in the top 4 in ppg in the history of the game. That is something. Unfortunately he has slowed down considerably.

#2 is a "no" for now. He did help the Flyers accomplish a few things but clearly not enough to warrant HoF consideration.

So, all things said, I agree with you. Right now the Big E is out of the HoF but he still can make it if he spends the next 5-6 years working very hard and ACCOMPLISHES things. Unlike a guy like Messier, the Big E slowed down before he accomplished anything. This is why even if the Moose spends the next 5 years playing on a leg, he is a shoe-in. He did it all.

Lindros is a guy who could have done it all, but hasn't so far. The HoF is a place for people who DID, not for people who COULD HAVE DONE

In retrospect Lindros is reaping what he sowed. He just should have accepted to come to the Nords. His story might have been much different. A lesson for young players who are shortsighted or not man enough to tell their parents to take a hike.

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