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01-10-2007, 01:14 PM
Barbara Underhill
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Defense=Building Block.

So I was thinking, with how poor our D is so far what your guys thoughts are as far as the future. It seems to me we have drafted well in the Defensive category with Staal and Bobby S. I know it's a little early to be speculating (but thats what these boards are for).

Right now we have Tyutin, and Pock. Both young but both fairly promising in my eyes. So my question is with Tyutin, Staal, Bobby S, and possibly Pock, do you guys think our defensive woes will not last for many more seasons?

Look at most teams drafting for Offense, hopefully our Defensive drafts with Lundqvist and Montoya in net will be able to shut down alot of teams. Anyway isn't there a saying like "The best offense is a good defense?"

Anyone wish we still had Max Kondratiev?

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