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12-15-2013, 10:47 AM
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Originally Posted by GKJ View Post

You can be a fan of Breaking Bad on sports talk radio. When it comes to sports, you should at least have some more substance than just being a fan.

By the way, the Prof is doing Eagles pregame amid the contract issues.

While I cannot argue with this comment... I also cannot argue with the fact that all these personalities have their own opinions... some good, some reasonable, and some real head-shakers haha... Seriously, I've heard worse. I applaud that he likes the sport of hockey and welcomes its discussion rather than discourage it and make the true hockey fan say, "why bother even calling", as is the feeling with so many other hosts... Hockey fans can call in and correct him with their opinions, after all. How many fans of all the sports call these sports talk stations and state inane opinions that the stations love to get so the talk continues? That angry Eagles fan guy was made a celebrity on the Postgame Show and other Media clips/shows... got even more than the usual 15 minutes of fame... I agree that the Sports Hosts should be above that though... I just rather have it than the usual crap alternative that we are fed on a constant basis. JMO

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