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Originally Posted by Prongo View Post
Hey, anything can happen. Also, one thing we all know from HFboards is everyone always over values players in trades. That's why a majority of trades that happen on here are always debated to the fullest. Not saying it does or doesn't get it done, just saying you would need to start somewhere. Also, I think we have all seen anything can happen in this league. What you just said is the exact thing Nashville fans were saying about Weber, and look how that all unfolded. Never say never. So much can go wrong, but the percentages of it are slim. If it ever does arise though, I would think we have the power to at least make an intriguing offer.

Also in negiotations for Weber, don't listen to that one Preds fan who is hell bent on letting everyone know Carchidi said that Preds wanted Schenn, Couts, Voracek, 1st, 1st, 8 million other picks. From all the reports(people in the know much more) said it was Couts+Schenn++ picks. Flyers weren't comfortable giving both up.

While i agree that anything can happen (well Gretz was traded after all), it makes little sense for the Habs to not come to terms with Subban or trade him. Without Subban the Habs would be looking for a dman just like him. And as Flyer fans are well aware, they are virtually unattainable (eg. Weber).

The Habs chances of competing for a cup rely on your young core of Subban, Price, MaxPac, Eller and the Gally's. They are all in the vicinity of the same age group. Subban is THE most important piece (more important than Price) because he can impact the game like no one else on the Habs roster.

Subban will get whatever he wants from Bergevin because he has earned it. The question is, how greedy is Subban? Will he ask for 9 million and hamper the team's chances of signing high-quality UFA's? Even if he did demand 9 million Bergevin has no choice but to accept. The Habs chances of competing for a cup rely on Subban. They can't trade him because they would have a massive hole on the back-end that can't be filled.

Furthermore, with the announcement that the cap is going up to 71 million, the Habs have plenty of room to accommodate a greedy Subban. Trading him is unthinkable.

People harp on the bridge contract as a sign that the Habs GM will play hardball with Subban. That makes little sense. MB demanded that Subban to prove his value through the bridge contract. Subban did that in spades. MB is not stupid - he knows he has to pay the piper no matter the cost. And i doubt that Subban is greedy. He just does not strike me as that type of person.

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