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01-10-2007, 02:15 PM
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Originally Posted by TheHoser View Post
I love Markov, I really do, and he is a better defenseman then Souray... but what Souray brings to the team you can't replace. No one in the East brings what he does to the table, except maybe Chara. The highlights make him look far worse in his own zone then he really is; we ***** and moan about how he and Rivet always make mistakes, but the fact is that Souray and Rivet are always the guys out there who Carbo trusts out there against the other team's big guns. His defensive play is far better then most people think, you can't judge everything based on highlights. And honestly I don't think I've seen Souray make any huge mistakes defensivly this season, nothing notably anyway... He's had a few unlucky bounces but has been very solid in his own zone.

And that's not all he brings. Obviously, his shot. His shot is the most important part of our powerplay. Yea, Markov is a better passer, but at the end of the day, it's Souray that gives goalies and defenders nightmares, it's Souray who draws the defenders out of position. Our team lives and dies with our PP production and that's all Souray. Our PP is really, really bad most of the time; we can't get it into the zone, we get beat to the puck, we have difficulty setting it up... but because we have Souray, all we need is 20 seconds in their zone to get a quality offensive chance. He's equally valuable on the PK, doing a better job clearing the crease and getting the puck out then anyone else on our team.

And on TOP of that, you've got the nastiness factor. Markov has no mean-streak at all and no physical presence to speak of; Souray is intimidating out there, he hacks and slashes and hurts guys and makes them scared to go into corners with him. Not to mention the leadeship and stability he brings to the locker room! Markov is a great player but he's an introverted recluse, no way he could ever bring the same heart and leadership to that locker room.

IMO Souray is the guy we need to re-sign. If we don't have Souray, we're not in the playoffs right now. If we lose Souray, all the progress we've made this year is down the drain. KEEP SOURAY!


Souray's shot is worth whatever he wants. I really hope we keep him. Great "team guy" as well. Sends a positive message to the team. Play exceptional be rewarded.

Except for the allusions to Markov being a softy, I like Markov he's no fun for the opposition in the corners either. Underestimated leader too... Leads by example.

Need Both. In a dream world with no cap and the Habs having Yankee like resources...

4 years each
4.75 per for Markov
5.25 per for Souray

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