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Originally Posted by mcphee View Post
If you have about 15M tied up in 2 guys on D, the other 4 would have to average 1m or less. Montreal has mid range guys like Dandenault,Rivet and Bouillon so they're pretty well out of the 7M player sweepstakes.

I don't think Souray has decided what he wants to do yet. Everything we've heard, I like Mtl, I like the team, I'd like to be closer to my daughter, I'd like to test the market, it's all true. He just hasn't decided which fact will make the decision for him. Choosing Mtl would have an influence on Mtl as a destination, I'd think/ Or at least I'd hope.

I wonder how each player, 79&44, would react to a 4 yr. 18M offer, right now ?

Wouldn't Robinson, Savard, Lapointe etc. have loved an offer like that back then. I think behind closed doors #'s 79 & 44 would consider that insulting and outside the room to anyone asking would say negotiations are still on-going.

Myself - I think that an offer as suggested would be more than respectable, however, improbable considering other teams would surely go to imo at least 5.5 on the open market and more with any of those two. Now if they concentrated on just one, well I wonder how far down the road Bob is thinking and if it is feasable that he tries one of his deals with one of those guys knowing one will deffinately walk at season's end and signing the other to a lucrative contract - what a toss up.

What ever happened to I want to make my living here, I love where I play and if it means taking somewhat less money . . . .well they wouldn't exactly be hurting at those dollars you're suggesting now would they.

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