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01-25-2004, 02:39 PM
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Originally Posted by HABitude
Koivu is the best skater of Montreal, he is way better than anyone else wearing Habs jersey playing forward, what was he doing last night? Is that was one of these anonymous monday games that no one watch on tv? That was Mtl-Tor (tv broadcast Canada coast to coast) and Tor won easyly, Sundin ourplayed Koivu clearly, Sundin had his smile again. Are you tired of Sundin's smile? Get use to it because with Koivu Habs will never win over Sundin and his friends (Nieuwendik, Roberts).

Juneau is there to check Sundin but Koivu is there to score. He failed last night. Now for the next two months we separate the mens from the kids. This is the “hard” season that starts. We'll see what Koivu is made of. Last year after the All-Star game Koivu was a non-factor. I think he have to get some post-cancer test and it affects his energy. I don't know what these test are but he came back slow and down. Let's see what will happen this year.
And the #2 center"Stickboy Riberio "was totaly DOMINATED by every Leaf that came in contact with him.

He is useless when any team decides to check him.

That is a Bigger worry than Koivu having a crappy night.

Last nights game is the kind of game you will see in the playoffs,lots of close contact and Riberio FAILED miserably.
Riberio will NEVER lead this team to anything either ,just as Koivu will not. :mad: :mad: