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Originally Posted by Sniped View Post
If you had the #1 pick who would you take? I've read that some scouts believe Embiid has the "potential" to be hakeem Olajuwon. Sounds like your high on him.

I'd still go Wiggins, at this point. (Could change after March Madness though)
Embiid is going to go high, probably top 3. He's raw, only started playing basketball a few years ago, but he has a pretty good feel for the game. Decent low post game, good passer, can run the floor, block shots, etc. He's not your typical big athletic that you hope figures it out (JaVale McGee, Biyombo). Being the only legit seven footer in a draft filled with mostly wing players, his stock is going to be sky high come June. On one hand I would love to see him as the centerpiece of this team because he could be the real deal, on the other hand, I don't know how much BB needs a back to the basket center in his uptempo offense. He already has Noel, who doesn't have near the offensive potential as Embiid, but will be a rim protector that can run the floor a la Andre Drummond (less freaky, better FT shooting version).

I'm still on the Wiggins train if we have the choice of anyone. I've said it before, the college game really shelters Wiggins talents. It's a slowed up half court game that promotes perimeter offense. He's a guy that shines in the open court and getting to the rim. He would thrive in BB's system. As good a Parker has played this year, he has no where near the upside of Wiggins. His frame is just about maxed out, he's no where near the athlete either. He has a lot more free reign to play his game a Duke. He's also shooting the ball at a ridiculous clip. Not sure how sustainable that is.

Wiggins does not come without knocks, however. He needs to improve his ball handling. He's too loose with the ball in traffic often resulting in turnovers. He also doesn't have many counter moves when his drive to his strong hand is taken away. He has a killer spin move, but I think this will be neutralized at the next level if he doesn't develop his handle. He's not much of a playmaker, again he's not in a position to be a ball dominate player so it's hard to judge. My biggest concern has nothing to do with his physical game, it's his demeanor. He's a laid back kid, too laid back in fact. I'm not sure if he's disinterested playing college ball or if he doesn't want to seem like a diva to his teammates. I watch him play and you can see the talent, but I just keep waiting for him to just take over the game and dominate. He'll make a fantastic drive that will make you say "wow" and then he won't attempt to score for a handful of possessions.

That said some of things that standout to me. His athleticism obviously. It translates to all facets of the game. From one the nastiest step back jumpers I've ever seen to the potential to be a legitimate lockdown perimeter defender at the next level (something Parker won't be). He's long, fast, and has great leaping ability to challenge shots and even block some. If you've watched any Sixers games this year you could appreciate that ability. He's got a pretty nice looking jumper to start with. He Could use a little more rotation on his shots, but he has solid form. He's not even close to reaching his physical peak. He has plenty of filling out to do. He has a little bit of a post game, that could benefit from added bulk. In the end, he won't be Lebron. There is only one Lebron. I think more realistically, you are looking at a Paul George type player with the potential to be more.

This freshman class has me really excited about the future of basketball and more importantly the future of the Sixers. I'm still hopeful now with Dec 15 passed, we will see Hinkie make a move for yet another 1st rounder. If not to try and get a quality player, but to have ammo to move up if need be. Also Hinkie's plan is ****ed if this team makes the playoffs as Miami has the rights to our 1st this year or next year if we make the playoffs.

I don't want to get too ahead of myself, but this team could have 3 blue chippers making their NBA debut next year. I often forget about Noel, but even if his offensive never comes together he's a defensive game changer (something this team will need eventually ). MCW is a really nice piece to build around. If Tony Wroten can ever get his game under just a little more control he will be a really niece piece coming off the bench. Hollis Thompson looks like a nice role player. Kazemi should be a gritty player off the bench as well whenever he is deemed ready for the NBA. The rest is mostly garbage, but that's OK for this year. I don't know why, but I really trust the Sixers' plan. I like BB and his philosophies and I like the emphasis on player development. I can't wait to see what this team looks like in 3 years. That is of course if the sports gods cooperate. They do owe us after a particular draft lottery in 2007.

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