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01-10-2007, 08:05 PM
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Originally Posted by Fletch View Post
needs to start doing more at the AHL level before we start thinking about what he'd look like at the NHL level. A scorer in the NCAAs, he's going to be 23 and really isn't scoring much. He's also not really a grinder. Byers is the third line grinding type, but his hands recently weren't too impressive and he really didn't throw the body around a lot in the last couple games. He's putting up points and racking up the PIMs, but still needs more developing. But he's still quite young (I think 21, or 20 going on 21). He could develop into the type of third liner we've been clamoring for - a tough kid who can grind and put up points. We'll see. Still got a ways to go. And Callahan's there too - a kid who needs to get back to grinding it out after becoming a goal scorer. He too could be that prototypical third liner, as opposed to fourth liners playing on a third line.
I agree 100%.

I think we got Orts as a spark on the 4th line. He'll fix the defensive aspects on that line without much help, he'll pressure any defense in any situation ect.

Hossa, well, if he plays like he have lately, I think he could hold on to a spot.

Hollweg provides hitting, and good defense most of the time. Looks a bit heavy though, more so then last season. If we could replace him with some hitting and better overall skill I would think about it. The biggest reason for it because Ryan have, in terms of skill, not devleoped at all since last season, probably (the only reason I can come up with) because he haven't taken care of himself perfectly. At the same time, he ought to have some potential to improve then. What would Holly provide this org. 4 years from now, thats the question I think you have to ask yourself. Can he make a Todd Harvey turn (and last unlike Harvey..)? Instinctivly Holly, Betts (as a 4th lineer) and Orts are the 3 I would like to keep for the future, the ones I like the most.

Maybe we should consider Dubinsky. I think he is the only one in HFD who could help out.



Send Hall to the ECHL. Maybe he would wake up then and protect his captain instead of letting our top scorer do the job. Rotate Orr for Holly if he is needed.

Though, while that 3rd line might look very good at times on the ice, you know "good on paper", I am not 100% sold on it comming through defensivly enough.

But at the same time, if we are up 1 goal and there is 10 minutes left to play, you ride Holly-Betts-Orts as a 3rd line and sit Dubinsky. I would try it.

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