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12-16-2013, 10:34 AM
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Originally Posted by FLYguy3911 View Post
Great post. I didn't want to quote the whole thing for the sake of space but I agree with literally every word you wrote. I wouldn't worry about this team making the playoffs, even in the east. They are finally playing to their talent level after that adrenaline fueled start. I'm glad you mentioned December 15th. For people who don't know this week is a big week because a player you trade for before Dec. 19th could be easily traded again at the deadline. This matters to us because there are a lot of rumors with the Sixers and Rockets involving Asik. Keep an eye on that this week.

Originally Posted by Sniped View Post
If you had the #1 pick who would you take? I've read that some scouts believe Embiid has the "potential" to be hakeem Olajuwon. Sounds like your high on him.

I'd still go Wiggins, at this point. (Could change after March Madness though)
My top three right now is 1. Wiggins, 2. Embiid, 3. Parker. I believe they are a in a tier all by themselves. The only possible change I would make is Embiid jumping Wiggins by the end of the season. Embiid's hands and passing ability really stand out to me. The Kansas boys have a much higher ceiling than Parker. I wouldn't mind drafting Parker, but not over the other two.

The Duke vs. Kansas games tells you all you need to know about Wiggins. He scored 16 pts. in the second half and guarded Parker for about 10 min. The only points Parker got off Wiggins was from two free throws after a foul. He shut Parker down with his god like athleticism. Wiggins was really assertive as well in the second half. My main gripe I have about him is his lack of assertiveness sometimes in games when he seems content to just stand in the corner. I believe that will be improved and he will become more of a "killer".

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