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12-16-2013, 11:10 AM
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Originally Posted by BillyShoe1721 View Post
There have been a number of big, freak athletes from Africa that have been deemed the next Olajuwon, and they've all flopped. Hasheem Thabeet was the second overall pick in 2009, hadn't played basketball until he was 15, and he's been a complete flop. Bismack Biyombo was the 7th overall pick in 2011, and he's been mediocre, averaging 5 points a game and 6.6 rebounds over his career. Taking the "raw but talented" guy who's barely played ball in his life is not the strategy to employ when making a franchise-altering selection. Wiggins, Randle, and Parker will go top three, just like they should, if competent GMs are selecting.
I totally agree, and I'll be pretty upset if the Sixers are in a position to get one of the 3 you mentioned but go the Embiid route instead.

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