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12-16-2013, 04:01 PM
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Originally Posted by GagneHanson12 View Post
So then you just decided to not read the rest of my post?

This was the post which brought up Yzerman:

Which was replied with

By which he meant style of play, not level of play.

Again, no one expects Couts to be as good as SY or RF or any of those players, just that Francis was a player who was not the best skater but still put up big time points, and just like Yzerman who was a shutdown guy who was able to put up big points, Couturier looks like he could be of the same mould, obviously not as good.
I wouldn't say it's obvious. There are a lot of guys who can break out and become hall of famers. Not saying SC is one, but who knows how he progresses?

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