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01-11-2007, 09:17 AM
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Originally Posted by Fletch View Post
I think Brooks is spot-on with everything he said. He can go further (i.e., talk about a second liner), but I think he's talking more from what's on this team now, and what worked last season, moreso that other coulda, shoulda wouldas.
As I mentioned in another thread, this team doesn't have an HMO line (or a line that limits Hollweg's minutes a bit). Part of the reason is that MO aren't here, and that the third line is really mostly a fourth line playing a third line. And Brooks is right - if Hollweg played a fourth line, getting 5-6 minutes per night, nobody would talk about the zero points he has (and perhaps the only one hit in 12 minutes he had against the Isles).

On another note...Hall...I was skeptical when he was brought in (citing his 4 ES goals), but admitted to not seeing him much last season. Having said that, I honestly cannot say if he's being used properly and agree 100% with Brooks' statement on how this team acquires players, and has so over the past 8 years. They come from one place, performing one role in one position, and come here and it changes, and thus the result changes too. I've had a bit beef with that for some time now. I can go on and on, but I'm hungry right now and am going to scrounge for food.
But, he's talking symptons, not the cause, Fletch...and besides, you've admitted yourself why the Rangers were successful last year - Jagr played like the best player on the planet, and Henke played like a Vezina trophy candidate. Removing Dom Moore was not a misguided deal. In the same manner Brooks criticizes the Rangers for trading Dom Moore, he berates them for not leaving space for young players. Well, one of the areas the Rangers supposedly had depth was center. If they felt Immonen was ready, and that Dubinsky and Helminen could challenge for a spot, and had merely replaced Rucchin with a better, faster, younger, established player, they felt they could afford to deal Moore or Betts. They chose to keep Betts and get a player who might fit in more with the north/south type of game they felt they lacked after the playoffs. Well, Immonen didn't deserve to make the Rangers out of pre-season, while Dubinsky obviously needed time at Hartford, while it's debatable if Helminen is a NHL-caliber player right now. That's not misguided. What was misguided was believing Cullen could be a 2nd line center, and not targetting Savard, which looks infinitely worse having signed Shanny a week later. That's misguided. Brooks is all over the map

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