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01-11-2007, 09:35 AM
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I'm really just commenting on his analysis of certain players, coaching, and roles/lines - I'm not commenting on whether this would put this team to a next level. That's a whole different analysis for me. I just agree with what he has to say about certain role players, and Renney's coaching, and past Ranger UFA signings/trades.

To continue - removing Moore may've been misguided. If Hall is going to be used as a third liner wih Betts as his centerman, then this team would've been better-served keeping Moore as a fourth liner and Ward as the third line winger. Over the Summer I was originally negative on that trade because of that reason - saying that at ES, those two did better than Hall at ES. After bantering back and fourth with Edge a lot, I took the stance that it was worth it because Moore's replaceable and Hall has second line potential. I did forget about being used properly.

And I do stand by my Jagr comment. However, this is still a team. If Jagr is going great, it enables the other lines to do what they do best, but that still means in chipping in meaningful shifts, and the odd goal here and there. Comparatively speaking, Moore was chipping in more as a fourth liner than this team's current fourth liners, and Ward was more productive, and Hossa was more productive. While Henke has not been 'on' as much this season than last, the third and fourth lines have had the opportunity to be a difference maker, and just haven't (bigger issue is the second line, but let's not let the bottom two lines off the hook too).

And third and fourth line can be more meaningful to a team. With a Jagr going, and a Henke going, a quality third and fourth line (and second) could be the difference in winning a playoff round or two, or losing in four straight games. My points have been that this season's third and fourth lines need to do more.

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