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About Yourself
Name: jeff
Age: 24
Location: kelowna
Origin of Screen Name: work in a hockey shop. Ppl would ask my fave team. After i told them they'd say sabres eh.

Hockey Background
Years Playing: 19
Current Team: chiefs
Current League: cnc pepsi premier league
Highest Level Played: midget rep(single a)
Current Level: div 3
Position: d
Type of Player: 2way
Player You Emulate: bouwmeester

Current Gear
Helmet: bauer 4500
Shoulders: tron padded shirt
Elbows: modified nexus 1000(took the bicep pads off)
Shins: nexus 1000
Gloves: bauer vapor x:40
Skates: graf 735
Stick: easton rs
Pants: nexus 1000

Hobbies: sports(mainly hockey), fitness, friends
Movies: slapshot, bull durham, the godfather(part 1&2), goodfellas, dumb and dumber, forest gump
Music: rap and daft punk
TV: parenthood, hnic, weds night hockey, tnf, snf, mnf
Food: sushi(cali rolls only), sandwiches, fruit
Drinks: water, coffee, beer, the odd pepsi
Hockey Team: sabres
Hockey Player: crosby, nuge, miller

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