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12-16-2013, 11:57 PM
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Offseason and futures discussion

I'm just curious what everyone thinks we should, could, will do this offseason.
Here are my thoughts.
First I would like to move Hartnell in some sort of trade. Will it happen probably not.
Second trying to add some kind of defense upgrade which may not be possible un less in trade. Maybe Girardi makes it to FA.
Our third line is a great thing that I wouldn't touch. That line can play an grow for the next three years if the resign Downie.
Raffle is doing well right now. Feel like he is wasted on the fourth line. And I feel playing Laughton on on the fourth line next year would be as well.

One could go on and on with possiblities.
wing Giroux wing
Wing center wing
Downie Coots Read
Vande center Rinaldo

lecavalier- don't see him going anywhere just for know if he ll be 2c or 1w

I could see any of Voracek, Hartnell, Schenn, Simmonds being trade for other pieces.
I don't want to move Schenn. Don't prefer to move Simmer. Hartnell needs to go. Voracek seems in consistent but maybe give him more time.

Defense i don't even know where to go. Who know what happens with Timmo. Can't bring him back for more then 3.5-4 and second pairing. Streit hasn't been good in my opinion but we're stuck with that. Coburn and Grossmann should stay prefer on different lines. Schenn has been ok. I like Gus but idk what's going on with that. Mezaros needs to go. Hope at deadline for some kind of pick or picks.

Goalies would be great to keep them both Mason at 4yrs 4mil per and Emery 1yr at 1.75

A lot of spit balling. Just curious what everyone is thinking looking ahead. With 6.8 salary cap bump. Maybe 6mil from Kimmo big chunk from Mez possibly trade Hartnell maybe dump street. Lot of possible money to spend but maybe no options out there to spend it on.


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