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01-11-2007, 12:39 PM
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i saw the Hartford game tonight,


-Dubinsky looked good, scored 2 G's, on the verge of a hattrick. He seemed to fight hard, was upset when coming to the bench and didn't have his best shift (has heart), and seemed to talk with the coach often. Looks like he's really trying to learn and win. Got the First Star.
-The puck seemed to bounce a lot.(see first and second goals). didn't seem to be frozen enough.
-Montoya gave up a super flukey first goal when the RR (riverrats) tried banking the puck in off the boards, he went to play it around the back of the net, and it bounced straight in off on ODD bounce; first part of the first period, 2nd "SOG".. 2nd goal was odd as well, a player was behind the net, comes around to the right, and even though Monty was pasted to the post it went in (haven't seen replays). Made 1 or 2 poor puckhandling decisions, one was more of a pass to the opposition. seemed shaky, but got his game going in the third, good sign?
-two good fights, both by Liffiton.
-the AHL is interestingi feel like albany is completely empty and it was cold wednesday night, so it may not very representative of the overall situation but i don't know how they stay solvent. attendance says 2997, but i felt like it couln't have been more than 500. kind of creepy. i heard Juniors games in Canada are fun to watch. felt bad for the kids playing that they were in that ratty (well named) arena.
-Isbister- interesting, very interesting. Scored one SHG in which he hustled his *** off, and very nearly got a second SHG when he also hustled, made a breakaway but was stopped by good goaltending. I noticed he had a decent shot, and when in the corners goes around as though he was much smaller. Seems like he knows what he's doing out there, but maybe is more due to experience and being a veteran AHLer, rather than skill and talent. (maybe that seemingly intangible difference is what separates talent/prospects and experienced players. our guys need "seasoning". 2nd Star of the Game.
-No Callahan Unfortunately i did not get to see him. seemed his addition of some offense and top line power was clearly missing.
-nice to see prospects liveIt's more entertaining and satisfying being at a game being able to see their progression. You get to see/focus on the little things that you can't read about or even see on TV.
-Girardi seems very solid, not too spectacular, but maybe it was him relatively good compared to others, Baranka, etc. +2 on the night. anyone think he might have a future with us? what number rank?
-Korpikoski seems solid, can handle the puck well and out of reach of others. kind of like Hossa (ours) when he plays to his max.. using his body and stick length to keep skating out of arms reach. has body to hit, saw a great pass threaded through to the front of the net. i don't have much experience with this "prospect watching" but i feel like this is what a raw-but-skilled, B+/A- prospect looks like.
-Lessard not badSkated well, muuuch better than Orr. Made some good plays and well defensively. Unlike Orr he didn't look to goon it up every moment with controversy so the coach would see. I heard he fights too, so why keep Orr?
-Moore eh, chipped in good efforts. big kid, got a penalty but i think got an assist?
-The Team now, its nice to see. they do seem very raw. good talent, good skill, but sometimes mistakes are glaring and good effort but plays/moves/etc don't work out. later, going to be fun to see them, more experience, more higher-end players.

i don't have much experience with this "prospect watching" but i feel like this is what a raw-but-skilled, B+/A- prospect looks like. Excited for the Rangers to draft more of this type. Definitely worth the $10 tickets to sit 3rd row behind the Wolfpack bench.. any more questions, i'd be happy to rack my brain for answers, its just a bit late.

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