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Originally Posted by mcphee View Post
I wouldn't criticize his ability to write. He has written some excellent feature articles, I'm told the book he wrote was well written. My problem with him has always been about integrity and his willingness, in fact eagereness, to use his column for personal vendettas. He never lets facts or real events get in the way.
I have a good friend in the McGill football team and when the scandal broke out, Todd was harassing aome of them on their personal cellphones lines and telling them if they wouldn't talk, he would "ruin" them. He's that kind of guy.

I still remember one of his ridiculous article on that olympic swimmer Ray something? He basically admitted in his column that the only reason he was making a big deal out of the incident (the shirt-swapping incident with the security guard) was because swim canada was stonewalling him.

But he is once again a very good writer, though I surprised he took a rather obscure subject as a first book. He would make a lot more money writing witty novellas.

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