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01-11-2007, 01:52 PM
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Originally Posted by SML View Post
Come draft time I tend to focus on one guy I would love the Rangers to have. Yes, he was my guy. After that, I didn't really know all that much. When I was 17 or 18, I had a ton of time to focus on these things, now I'm in my 30's and life gets in the way... BTW if Jessiman was a third or fourth rounder, would people be this upset? No. They wouldn't even be talking about him. The pick has been made, deal with it. All the complaining in the world won't make the situation any different. Give the guy his time and let him develop. If he turns out to be a nobody, we certainly won't be the first team to miss on a first rounder.
Problem is he wasn't a third or fourth liner, moot point.

Secondly complaining won't change it, but this also isn't a "happy topics only" board. Just like we get a million threads about how good a player is when they make it (See Lundqvist, Prucha) we're also going to get them when something bombs.

This thread happens far less than MANY other topics on this board. If it bothers you that much to read it than don't, it's really about as simple as that.

I'll take the quarterly Jessiman thread over the million Orr threads or the million threads about our defense or what Renney is doing wrong, etc. etc. etc.

Complaining doesn't change any of those situations either. So if you don't like it than don't read the thread. The thing is labeled, you know what's going to be in it.

If I don't want to read about Orr for the 10,000,000th time I'm not going to go through a thread that says "Rate Orr as a player".

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