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Originally Posted by Psuhockey View Post
I get that they all have things to work on and improve and that the odds are against them becoming elite. My point it is foolish to label the future impact of a defenseman when drafting and developing a defenseman is a complete crapshoot. Gostisbehere has done nothing to show he couldn't be another Duncan Keith but he also could be another Gustafsson. You won't really know until he turns pro and plays some in the AHL. Even then it is a big jump from AHL to NHL. The top of the draft is littered with guys who had all the tools in the world and couldn't hack the NHL or simply became Coburn. Then there are guys taken after the 1st or even as free agents who had big questions and tons of people doubting their abilities and become Norris contenders and winners. I've seen a few fan posts saying to trade up for Ekblad as if he would be a guaranteed #1 defenseman. And he would ranked by all these prospect experts and services as being a future Pronger or what not but he could bust once he has to make decisions at the speed of the NHL. You don't know about any of these guys until they hit the NHL and have to make decisions at that speed. Gostibehere, Hagg, and morin are progressing as they should. There is no need to say definitely they won't be #1 ones which the author does just as there is no need to say they will.
I dont necessarily agree that the author said they definitely won't be #1's, he simply said they don't project to be which IMO is correct. If they keep progressing at the the pace they are now like a usual prospect, none of them will be #1's. Morin would have to progress his offensive game much more than expected. Hagg and Ghost would have to improve his all around game much more than expected for them to turn into #1's. Its much more of a stretch to say they will be #1s than to say they wont.

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