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Originally Posted by Crimson Skorpion View Post
Except "solid" is not average, WTK.

By, "Oh! What a solid hit by Eller on Tavares!" did they mean, "Oh! What an average hit by Eller on Tavares!" ?

In the 2010 playoffs, Gorges was considered a force defensively. Often, he was called "solid". This year, Murray has been called mediocre defensively. Are you telling me that the 2010 Gorges and the 2013 Murray are "pretty much the same thing"?

Your hatred runs so deep you have resorted to changing the very definition of some words now. Scary.
In your example, solid means a hit with some steady force and mass behind it.

Solid in WTK's sense, or in a "That player is solid defensively" refers to a player who is above average and some times plays great defensively.

It's not really Gionta's fault, but I've seen too many times where Gionta's stubby arms put him far enough behind a player to hinder a good scoring chance. Gionta's best attributes at this point in time is he, more than not knows where to go for a play. However, if it's a battle against the boards he loses it more than he wins. He (Though not a lone) seem to love to ice the puck all the time and for a player who takes a fluttering wrist shot, or a slap shot 10 feet wide he picks and chooses when to get back defensively double time, or just coast.

He seriously should not be brought back.

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