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12-17-2013, 04:37 PM
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Originally Posted by Crimson Skorpion View Post
And that's fine and all but it completely ignores my second point. Posters here called Gorges solid in 2010. We call Markov solid now. In the same breath, we call Murray mediocre.

In 2010, a lot of us wanted Gorges to be captain. Don Cherry gushed all over him and called for him to be the next captain. So did the definition of the word solid change in three years or did media and fans alike want the next captain to be a slightly better than average defenseman who SOMETIMES is great?

I'll call it the way I see it. Posters here are so heated towards Gionta, they are literally tripping over themselves to discredit the captain, meanwhile actual facts and stats are being overlooked because "he shoots da puck at da crest all da time."

Solid and mediocre aren't the same.

IMO a player who plays "solid" would be harder to replace if we lost him in a trade, or injury. A mediocre player is just that, mediocre. Very easy to find like a ****ing Zubat.

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