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Originally Posted by WhiskeySeven View Post
Nolan's ultimate quality is that he's approachable without being needlessly simple. It's admirable until the complexity of his story turns on itself and he substitutes development with break-neck editing and quick dialogue.

Yeah, it's good for Hollywood that he's around - from where else would we get grimdark self-serious superhero movies about guys in bat suits ? I kid, I kid.

As for top directors I think the Coens, Wes Anderson, Linklater, Jonze, PTA, Soderberg, Fincher, Polanski and Lynch are skilled and original and different in their own ways. Of course there's also Scorsese, Cameron, Spielberg, Mann, and Tarantino. Another group would include Cronenberg, Mendes, R Scott, T Scott, Stone, Ron Howard, Ang Lee, Spike Lee and Danny Boyle.

Nolan, for me, just doesn't match up to a lot of them in terms of substance. Where would he fit in those names? I really don't know, the Batman trilogy casts a huge and sometimes unfavorable shadow over his work. Same goes for Brian Singer.
You're saying that the Bat films cast a huge shadow over Nolan's work (never mind that they are the best within a genre), but you subsequently list directors who have made a ton of bad movies between them. You're also borderline ridiculous for reproaching a then 33 year old director for taking the opportunity of directing a 150 million dollar budget movie in Batman Begins. You're saying it casts "a huge shadow over his work", lol, as if you would turn down the opportunity to write a screenplay for a 150 million dollar (250 million after inflation) "cape-crap" film if you were barely starting out in your career. I predict you'd be kissing the floor.

James Cameron made Avatar (mediocre, not bad), Ridley Scott made Prometheus and Kingdom of Heaven (which has the worst line of dialogue I've ever heard), Ang Lee made The Hulk, Steven Soderbergh made the rev olting Contagion, and Fincher made the cheap knockoff The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. All of those movies are one or more steps down from Nolan's median. Those are *not* exceptions, I'm sure my list would be three or four times longer if I had seen their entire collective filmography in its entirety.

Ridley Scott did not get much respect when he was young. Blade Runner and Alien got little to no respect when they came out. You know what Scott reached his greatest accolades for? The overrated Gladiator. It was easy to respect Scott in 2000, I'd be more impressed with those who liked him in 1985, when quite frankly he was a little better.

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