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01-26-2004, 12:12 AM
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Originally Posted by Enoch
WHOO! 2 - 0.

Theres that one-timer from Legwand. Where is dulzhok when ya need him?
I'm right here waiting for you.

Legwand had a good game. He made stuff happen out there. Too bad he only makes stuff happen every one in 15-20 games. In the other 15-20 games, he's just there.

Congrats to Legwad on the one-timer, although it was the easy kind of one-timer..... the kind where the puck is dropped to you, and pucks comes right at you head-on. They are MUCH easier to time and execute than the cross-ice one timers that have to be pinpoint accurate.

Sorry that I haven't posted in a while. I know how much you miss me, but I have conflicting things going on rgiht now. I'm certainly glad to see how well the team is doing in the standings. Vokoun has been great, for the most part. Our wingers have been pretty darn good (Walker, Erat, Johansson, Hartnell, Orszagh, Tootoo namely). Our defensemen have come together and played good team hockey, however, like Vokoun said yesterday, they are still somewhat fragile in terms of confidence. Hopefully they can maintain their team attitude and continue to add to thier confidence. The area I'm most concerned about is center. We need someone to pick up the ball. Legwand and Arkhipov are just 'out there' on most nights, certainly not acting like an offensive threat. Johnson has been pretty solid, but he can't be counted on to play in a go-to offensive role. I think the loss of Murray is big, espeically in a game like last night where need a veteran center to stabalize things. So basically, I'd like to see either Arkhipov or Legwand step it up and make things happen on a nightly basis. Oh, and the powerplay is HUGE concern right now. It's just totally LOST, which partially has to do with the play of our centers. Something's definitely got to change there.

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