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12-17-2013, 05:37 PM
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Originally Posted by FlyersFan61290 View Post
Morin, Hagg and Ghost are all young mobile d-men.

Patience is key.
I am usually someone (like all of us I imagine) who wants to see this team compete every year as we have come to expect.

But at this moment with the team composition I agree that patience is what is really needed most.

Unless someone heavily overpays or is desperate, or a great deal can be plundered from someone just stay pat.

There is no magic wand that is going to get them to compete for a cup this year or next... they are a borderline playoff team really. (6-10 in the east... depending on how they play.)

Giroux, Voracek, Couturier, Simmonds, Read, Schenn, Laughton and Downie all have a ~6 year window where non should really decline and some should get better. The forward group has the ability and potential to be very good. (individually all apart from Couturier and Schenn have shown that already as well.)

That being said if a package around 2 not named Read, G or Couts could be had for a true 1W I would pull the trigger... I would be hesitant on V and Schenn though, they could come back to bite, Simmer and Downie are the 'safe' tradebaits really... but they have the least value ofc!

The D is trickier really, Coburn, Schenn, Grossmann and Gus could be around for the next ~6 years at a similar level... but that is a #3 and 3 #4/5s most likely, not good enough to compete... that being said if one of Hagg or Morin can become a 1-2# and Ghost a 4# PP specialist the D would look solid to very good in ~4 years. Alt being a 5# would be nice as well.

I think if they are patient and make sensible trades they probably get a 3-4 year window where the team can realistically compete with not too much turnover... ofc that is dependant on many factors, but some of the groundwork is there, some groundwork 'pieces' that are hard to come by in guys like G and Couts. (if he keeps developing offensively even better, but even if he is a 45 point shut down centre that is valuable as heck for a team who want to compete.).

Look at the teams who have won since the lockout... most of them the 'big guns' or core players were drafted or got earlier on in their career in trades. Then try and fill in the 'gaps' when you are already competing with what is there. Can't buy a cup anymore. You have to scout well, draft well and hope the guys develop as well as possible...

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